Advent Season

The Christian tradition of Advent is a season of remembrance, looking ahead, and holding on to hope. Advent spans the four weeks leading up to Christmas, and the passing of each week is represented by lighting a candle with a specific meaning each Sunday.

Week 1: Hope
Week 2: Peace
Week 3: Joy
Week 4: Love

A fifth and final candle—called the Christ candle—is lit on Christmas Eve. The light of these candles is symbolic of the light of Christ, which pushes back the darkness.

Upcoming Events

This year we will dedicate a special Christmas offering towards two causes: The Christian and Missionary Alliance and support for Pastor-Elder Ed Infante's Honduras Mission Trip.

The Christian and Missionary Alliance

Rio Life is part of the Christ-centered, Acts 1:8 family known as The Christian and Missionary Alliance. Together we partner with a larger network of churches and international workers in taking the whole Gospel to the whole world.

The international workers you send and support through your praying and giving have followed the call of God as light bearers among those who remain in spiritual darkness. Your generosity keeps these workers in place and enables the sending of new workers.

This Christmas we want to extend the hope of Christ to where it is most needed among the world’s lost, suffering, and overlooked.

Ed Infante's Honduras Mission Trip

Ed Infante is a Rio Life Elder and is currently planting a church in Lyford, Texas through the ministry at the Agape Center. Ed is in his second year of the Alliance LEAD program which equips church leaders for ministry. At the completion of the LEAD program Ed will obtain his credentials to be a licensed worker with the Christian and Missionary Alliance.

As part of the program, Ed will be traveling to Honduras for an 11 day mission trip. Ed, along with his LEAD cohort, will share the Gospel of Jesus Christ by partnering with two evangelical ministries in Honduras.  One of the ministries is Inca Link, a ministry with a vision to reach the youth of their country. The other ministry is a Honduran ministry that works with local evangelical churches and also includes a jail ministry and a jungle ministry.

Ed is looking for prayer and financial support as he prepares for his mission trip. The goal amount for the mission trip is $4,700. Follow Ed’s Mission Trip page on Facebook for updates.